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Services - Custom Programming

In addition to online databases and related programming, we also offer custom programming for a wide variety of administrative and time-saving tasks. Possible uses include:

  • E-Commerce - charging credit cards online in real time through API's such as Authorize.net
  • Cleanup routines - removing old pages and files automatically
  • Graphic generation - creating maps, graphs, etc. from data sets
  • Data parsing - converting complex text formats to CSV or other standard formats
  • Page generation - creating hundreds or thousands of web pages from text files or CSV records
  • Or creative solutions to any repetitive task.

Why waste hundreds of hours doing what an automated program can do in seconds?

Our languages of choice are PHP (mostly for web programming) and Perl (mostly for admin tasks and complex conversions). Both are free and widely used, and come installed on virtually all hosting accounts. Perl is also native to Mac OS X, and can be easily installed on any Windows machine via ActivePerl, for easy running of custom programs via the command line.

PayPal We use PayPal and custom-programmed carts for E-Commerce. Our carts interface seamlessly with your overall site design, and with Paypal's Website Payments Pro, customers never even have to leave your site.

Unity 3D We also offer full application development for web, PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, and Android via the Unity 3D engine. Possible uses include:

  • Training simulations
  • Educational software
  • 2D and 3D game design

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