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Portfolio of Work

Note that these projects are just the selected high points of our work during the past 15 years. We build sites of all sizes and complexities, and our portfolio spans much more than what is shown below.

CENTURY 21 Sunset, Realtors CENTURY 21 Sunset, Realtors
Their Fredericksburg branch needed a database-driven system for managing and tracking home listings, commercial properties, etc. with literally hundreds of pieces of information each. We set them up with a detailed back-end admin, search, and display. Since then, we have redesigned their site twice and added more features, including a showcase of properties integrated into the header of their design.

Practical Homeschooling Practical Homeschooling Magazine
The official site of Practical Homeschooling, one of the biggest homeschooling magazines and published by the same company as Homeschool World (see below).

The Farming Game The Farming Game - Software Edition
The official site for the software edition of The Farming Game, a popular board game that has sold over 350,000 copies. Features included custom art, which is now also inside the game itself!

Pipe Trader USA Pipe Trader USA
In operation for well over a decade bringing pipe and steel companies together. We modernized the site to make it totally database-driven, and significantly increased its traffic as well in the process.

Plumbing Services Plumbing Services
A fully database-driven directory site for plumbers with tens of thousands of directory pages and a registration system that includes real-time payment through Authorize.net.

Maak and Associates Maak and Associates
A local business providing hospitality services, specializing in recruitment and resume packages. The site includes around 25 pages, contact / signup forms, and an online ordering system that charges in real time using SecurePay.

Crazy Cruizers Crazy Cruizers
We set them up with a custom order form, including automatic notification emails and database back-end. Note the way it calculates in real time!

Homeschool World Homeschool World
This has been a work in progress since as early as 1995. Thousands of pages of content, two million visits per year and tens of millions of hits. Many areas of the site are database-driven, most notably the groups area, and we recently redid their homepage layout. A good example of the scale we're capable of.

Promotec Marketing
Our single biggest client, this is a firm in California that does marketing for car dealerships. Much of our work for them is proprietary and therefore can't be described here, but we can say that it involves importing data from older dealership management systems, cleaning it up, and using advanced heuristics to choose the best people to mail to. There's also an advanced front end for dealers, and a series of web sites for different types of sales and service events that we use to market to the dealers' customers. An ongoing client since 2007.

Unity Tutorials Unity Tutorials
The primary commercial tutorials site for the Unity 3D game engine. Has produced tens of thousands of dollars in revenue since we designed it in June 2009. Includes a custom integrated cart that forwards to Paypal.

Sitelis Design Sitelis Design
A large graphic arts firm that needed a website to properly showcase their work. They supplied the graphics, we put together the site. The resolution is somewhat dated - a large percentage of viewers still used 640x480 back in 1999 - but the site still looks good, and fulfilled the client's requirements at the time.

"Our goal was to revamp our site's look and to improve our search engine results. We immediately thought of Fenton Web Design Firm. We now have a perfect, easy-to-navigate website, done within a matter of days! We can always pick up the phone or shoot a quick email and know that you understand what we need and can get it done quickly."
Angela Bossenbroek, CENTURY 21 Sunset, Realtors, TX
"I hired Fenton Web Design Firm in 2007 to create an online program. Today it is the core of my business and has positioned me at the top of my industry. It has now been over three years and we continue to improve the product every week."
David Ryan, Promotec Marketing, CA
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