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If you don't already have a website, or if your website was made years ago in the early days of the Internet, then your primary goal should be to get a new site designed as soon as possible. Why? There are several reasons.

Get your database online for as little as $500!
Custom-programmed PC, Mac, Linux, software, iPad, iPhone, Android apps, for as little as $500-$1000!
  1. Websites are more cost-effective.
    A single good-sized magazine ad can cost thousands of dollars. TV ads cost more than that much just to produce, and both TV and radio ads are fairly expensive to air. And they're all transitory forms of advertising - once they're over, they're over. A website costs almost nothing to maintain once designed, and even a fairly advanced website is unlikely to cost you more than a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Assuming the search engine optimization is properly done, your site will continue to bring in leads without any additional money having to be spent - and Internet advertising is relatively low-cost, if you decide to invest the savings later.

  2. People expect a modern business to have a website.
    Virtually everyone has a computer and/or web-capable cell phone, and potential customers are likely to search the Internet first before trying to find you a different way. If you don't have a website, most of your customer base is going to pass you by, and even existing customers may have trouble forwarding business if they can't remember your address or phone number. A good website domain is far better for word-of-mouth.

  3. Websites save you time distributing information.
    Just giving out contact info and driving directions can eat up a lot of your time - time you could be using to produce or sell. A website allows you to put out as much information as you want as often as you want and then forward people to it, potentially saving your business thousands of hours per year. This means significant savings over time.

Featured Client:
Jilly's Cupcake Bar
Jilly's Cupcake Bar
Winners on Food Network's Cupcake Wars, winners of St. Louis Magazine's Breakfast of Champions online poll. We redesigned their site before they became famous, and still update it monthly now as they expand.
So why choose Fenton Web Design Firm?

  • We're experienced. Some of our staff have been designing websites for over 15 years.

  • We're creative. We can usually suggest a solution immediately, and on the few occasions when we can't, we'll research the subject for free and get back to you.

  • We're serious about quality. If we don't get it right the first time - and we usually do - we'll fix the problem for free. No hidden fees.

  • We commit to you long-term. Some firms set up a site and then lose interest - we build relationships that last for years.

  • We're affordable. With experience comes speed, and with speed comes the ability to produce more work in less time and charge you less as a result. We work within your budget.

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"Our goal was to revamp our site's look and to improve our search engine results. We immediately thought of Fenton Web Design Firm. We now have a perfect, easy-to-navigate website, done within a matter of days! We can always pick up the phone or shoot a quick email and know that you understand what we need and can get it done quickly."
Angela Bossenbroek, CENTURY 21 Sunset, Realtors, TX
"I hired Fenton Web Design Firm in 2007 to create an online program. Today it is the core of my business and has positioned me at the top of my industry. It has now been over three years and we continue to improve the product every week."
David Ryan, Promotec Marketing, CA
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